I have been asked, so many times that question. Truth be told for me, it has affected me greatly. What do I really mean by this?

It has affected me both in good ways and in bad ways. I see a lot of people complaining on how difficult it is to make their child(dren) cope and it’s almost impossible. 

I do know for one that it is very difficult but you just have to keep cool and calm. You can always excuse yourself to scream and feel better. It is a very hard and challenging period we are all in. From  all the lock downs and all the difficulties of having child care for those who have work and for those that are stay at home mums/dads it  is also very difficult too. You would definitely want a little bit of your time or peace and quiet or even to have a little time to do some chores or run errands. For those that work from home or have got jobs to go to, it becomes really difficult adjusting to the fact that you have to work around the kids which is very distracting or brutally annoying if we have to really speak the truth. It’s really difficult for us all. 

I would also say it has also affected some of us in a very good way. We have the time to help our children grow both physically and mentally. They tend to feel more comfortable around you when they are doing their learning from home. It is very challenging because most of us didn’t get all this attention when we were all younger. We weren’t taught at home. Most of us went to school and all our parents did was to help us with our home-works and care for us as their children. All or most of our teaching were done by teachers. Now we as parents have to home school our kids for as long as we can to stay safe. 

Sometimes we may feel so lost and confused We ask ourselves: 

  • Am I doing it right?
  • Does my child understand all I am teaching?
  • How harder can this get?
  • Is my child okay? 
  • Am I okay? 
  • What am I doing wrong? 

And the truth is, it’s really okay to ask these questions and many other questions that comes through our minds. That’s what makes us humans. 

Here are some questions I asked myself and what I’m sure we all have asked ourselves… 


First day was the most difficult for me. In fact the first week. It was all so sudden for me, the kids and my husband. I’m used to working from home alone in the peace and quiet. The first three days was CHAOS  trying to share the study with my husband. Trying to fit in my work schedule with helping the kids out with all their works for the day. I was overwhelmed. I had to give. 

I had to explain to them what was going on and why we had to start studying from home instead of what they are familiar with. My first daughter being 11years then understood it well but my second and last daughter who was just 6 years didn’t fully understand what was going on. She would ask questions like: 

   *Why aren’t we in school? 

   *Why can’t I see my friends? 

   *Why can’t I have a big birthday party? 

    *Why can’t I go to the shops with you? 

A lot of why’s come in and they don’t want to concentrate at studying because they aren’t used to mum or dad teaching them. Yes we teach them about life and other aspects of life but not fully teaching them their school works. And they aren’t used to being the full centre of attention when studying. A lot for them too, right? 

Continuous reminder as to why we are doing what we do this way and consistency helps a lot. Wake them up just as we do for school not so early but let be your and about as they would on a daily basis. That is important. You should try to be in control of situations at all times. Try not to raise your voice but sternly and stick to your grounds. We are the adults. Don’t show them how frustrated you are when they begin with tantrums because that’s exactly the reaction they want lol. You should understand that it is also a lot for them to handle and you are the one person they will fall to to let out their feelings whatever they may be at the moment. Consistency, persistence,and a lot of putting yourself together, can help motivate your child. 

It is difficult and you may not be able to things yourself. Reach out to people you trust, friends, family and teachers too. They should be able to help or put you through somethings that a lot confusing maybe not for you for your child because maybe the way you were taught is a lot different from the way they are being taught a topic for a subject. 


Kids are different. Some kids love to okay outside, some love board games or card games, some like to play computer games or video games, some enjoy jumping around and dancing or doing anything  hyped up and more physical. Try to encourage them to do those things and mix it up a little for them so they don’t get bored. Cook, bake, paint. Create things and time for them to have fun while being at home. 


This one is so crazy that really I don’t know where to begin. You know yourself better. Look for things that interest you and do them. If it’s a soak, working out, cooking, baking, reading etc.. to help keep your mind sane… 


From doing their school works at home, going for a walk a few days a week, having a meditation session like my little one loves to do. Just try to encourage them in all their hard work and achievements. Give them a treat or two. It’s not a bribe it’s just a way of making them understand that all their hard work is paying out. We all get a treat for ourselves, don’t we? lol. 


We can’t always study or work all day without having a rest or two. So whenever you feel you aren’t up for work or study you should do this “JUST TAKE A PAUSE” have a up of coffee, put your feet up and relax. While the kids are doing their own relaxation any way and where within the house that they want to lol. It’s good to have a break now and again because we have all been put at a place we never expected or thought to be. 

Remember, we always need to do things at our pace and time so we don’t overwork ourselves and the kids. 

We tend to make it work the best way we can. It’s got it’s ups and downs. It’s got all the stress in the world written over it for both the parents and the children. Our kids are traumatised by this change. They are used to being in school with their teachers and their peers and now they have to do things differently with mum or dad or granny’s. 

My younger kid and I would have work done like maybe maths and when she starts getting stressed she would say with those poppy eyes “I’m tired, can we do this later?” Normally in school, with their teachers that will not even happen lol. The guilt, the frustration. Mixed feelings kick in. It’s okay for us to react in whatever way we need to at the moment but at least we should also try to keep calm because our kids are also in it too. 

It’s really messed up with a lot of us but we also have to pull strong not just for ourselves but for our kids too. Hopefully we’ll all get back to normal whatever that will be. Let’s not forget to have fun too. And ask for help from friends, family on how you can assist your children with the home learning, For those that can’t get a hold of the teachers. It’s amazing what a phone call or text to friends or family can do. 
It seems like I may be talking about only us who have kids. Well, maybe but it also goes to all those that don’t. We all need to do what we can to stay sane and it could be any of all these I have spoken about up there. Try to do things for you to stay sane and happy.

Positivity all the way. We can all try to work together. 

Most importantly, try to have some fun while at it. It’s easier said than done is what we may all be thinking now but we need to try. I definitely do. Stay calm and cool always.