I know we may think this lock down is the only time we have been fully challenged to keep our kids entertained. Even before the lock it would have been a great challenge for us all. I for one had a lot to think about. My children have a 4 and a half year age gap between them and it was so difficult trying to make it possible for them to play with each as one is way older than the other and can’t really do what the little one wants to do. She can’t be okay with same toys, she can’t do what the little one is doing and that the most normal thing ever. 

As parents or people we need to understand that all children are different. They cannot all have same likings. Some may like or love one thing more than the other and it’s also possible for them to like same things too. That’s were the fights and confusion kicks in 😂

In my last write up, I made some pointers on what one can do to keep the kids busy aside from school works. Kids get bored, and so do we. So for me to spice things for my kids, We try to do somethings individually that interest them such as playing their video games and I’ll always be there to support or guide them. It’s nice to find out some activities they can do together no matter the age difference. We need to know what our children love to do individually and what they love to do together. It is difficult. It is said when you have the second child and beyond you automatically become a referee 😂 

That’s very true and we embrace it so well. It really doesn’t matter if the children are so little or teens, they all are kids and are different but you can always find somethings to do with them together. 

Let’s see how we can talk about little things to do to help the kids and us get out of boredom…..


Kids aren’t so patient and enduring as we adults. We can stay cooked up for days in the house if we want but children turn into little pest and become more agitated than normal. They love the outdoors even if it’s to take them just 100 steps away from your house. They’ll love it and they’ll talk about it for a while. You don’t have to walk miles. It could be out in the garden or just a few steps away from where you leave. Count the trees, count the houses, play I spy. That could be another way of impacting knowledge to them. Let them ride their scooter if they have any, or bikes. Or do some tag or race games as long as they are staying safe, that’s cool. Try floor games like hop scotch. Kids love to get involved. I know a lot of people will say my kids are difficult and that’s so true. But you know your child better and you know how to make them happy or what excites them. It’s really alright if they don’t want to play outside. You can find other things that they can enjoy indoors. 


Some of us will first and foremost think “Oh No, the mess”!! Oh yes the mess I would say 

Kids are messy generally,  very few aren’t. Leave a child to do things themselves and they would definitely leave a storm of mess 😂 

That’s where we come in. 

I find painting very calming and therapeutic, the kids enjoy that too. We try to make a little space where we can draw, paint, make some cuttings out of paper and create things out of them. Cut and glue stuffs. You can make messy fun without the mess. Just get a wipeable mat you can lay on the ground and let the mess begin 😆 

That will definitely make them happy as long as they aren’t throwing it at each other. 


With most of us rolling our eyes right now.. This really works too. I like to cook alone, but having the kids joining in is a challenge but it’s also fun… When I’m cooking some stew, I ask my first daughter to help with all the vegetables and my little one in charge of all the spices. They enjoy doing things grown ups do somethings. In their tiny eyes it’s a lot of fun. Indulge them. It’s also part of learning. Really, we have to be careful  and watch them to avoid any accidents. 


Bake a cake, make a pie, they enjoy rolling pastry doughs and mixing of cake batter. It’s very exciting to them. They want to taste the cake batter form the almost empty bowl. We all did it lol 😆. Kids enjoy anything creative and somethings we adults does. It makes them feel cool because they think we are cool. Even if the don’t say it. 

This may sound difficult, which it is in all honesty. I remember when I had my second child, I wanted to work out and it proved difficult at the time. I started working out with my girls. The fun in it is my first trying to do exactly what I was doing. I would use my babies as weights for my squats. And it seemed fun for for them  at that moment and right now we still do those workouts together sometimes and it’s still as fun and funny as ever because they are older now and I still lift them up as my weight for squats 😝

It’s had to make them get involved, it’s better now because there are so many kiddies workouts online for them to do. It doesn’t have to inside the house. It could be a little run around the building or just some few steps away from the house. 


And the fight begins, right? 

Of course they wouldn’t want to watch same thing you want to watch and it goes both ways. We can always find some middle ground for us to enjoy something with our kids. We need to remember that we are in control here. As adults and parents we need to be able to not let them get on each other’s throats (not literally) There is always going to be sibling rivalry. I for one understand that. How you handle it matters. It could be taking turns watching what each of the children want or maybe finding something that they both can watch. It seems almost impossible but it isn’t. It’s hard but it can be done. Kids just need to learn to be patient even if it’s for a little bit 😆


Be it a girl child or a boy child we all want to get a chill time or get pampered. Crazy right… 

Have your nails done, take turns plaiting your  hairs. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a boy child making his hair or making his sister’s hair. It’s fun and they will enjoy it. Let them make a mess of your hair in the name of making your hair but just don’t give them anything sharp or with colour for your hair 😆

Have a cup or tea with your feet up together on the sofa or the bed or the floor and just relax. We all need that you know. 


A lot of us don’t know that most of these game such as scrabble, chess , checkers, snap, snake and ladder, twisters etc are all very educative. It actually helps the kids in their learning process. It helps widen their learning process. 

These are just a few things that can help entertain our kids in this time or period we are in. It is hard for a lot of us parents, careers, or people. But we need to try to encourage our kids and ourselves by creating a sane mind for us and our kids.  Find out what your kids enjoy doing and make it a part of their fun time. Whenever your kids don’t feel like doing anything just seat back and relax and do nothing. That could help too. 

 Always remember to to stay calm and stay safe