Let’s face facts, we all do things that seem a little all of a sudden and we think to ourselves, what’s wrong with me.

We cry, we shout, we live, we scream, we love, we don’t love, we all are same and it’s alright to have all these feelings. We are at a time where we all are facing some crazy challenges. It could be anything. It could be financial challenges, it could be relationship challenges, it could be emotional or psychological challenges. It could be anything but

It’s alright to let off some steam in any way you want to.

It’s alright to get upset,

it’s alright to cry,

It’s alright to be sad,

it’s alright to feel let down and disappointed, just don’t feel that way for too long.

It’s alright to have mixed emotions

It’s alright to curl up on the sofa or in bed to get a clear head away from your spouses, partners, kids, family, friends. It’s okay to have a drink or two 😝as long as you aren’t driving or taking too much.

It’s alright to eat another slice of cake 🍰 after one 😋 😊

All the stress of not being able to see our families and friends can actually drive one crazy but thank goodness for phones and computers and also books. Keep your mind occupied by doing something you love. Call a friend, if you leave alone laugh and talk, share some laughs or even some pain as long as you are sharing it with someone, that’s good. Have a drink with family or friends via Zoom or any video calls you would like to. If you need extra help, it’s really alright to call the help lines that available out there that help people with special circumstances.

We should let loose and not forget all that we learn as we stay holed up at home.

It’s alright to party hard if you are a party star 🌟 via video calls.

It’s alright to bring family together for those that love to host a lot to share some more laughs still via video calls.

It’s alright to have fights with friends and families then kiss and make up at the end of the day.

It’s alright if you still want to chill alone and have a me time.

It’s alright to dance yourself till you get tired.

It’s alright to sing as loud as you can even if your voice ain’t that great 😝

IT’S ALRIGHT to have these feelings of emotions. We can’t stop how we feel or what we feel.

It’s also okay to be whoever we want to be or how we we want to be. To express ourselves however we want to.

It’s alright to be the shy person that you are.😍

It’s alright to be the loud one in the group.

It’s alright to be different.

It’s alright to be brilliant.

It’s alright to be the brave one.

It’s alright to be supercool.

It’s alright to be the honest person.

It’s alright to make mistakes and learn from it.

It’s alright to be that strong person.

It’s alright to be fierce and own it 😍🤗

It’s alright to be independent.

It’s alright to be dependent.

IT’S REALLY ALRIGHT, to be whatever or whoever you want to be or do whatever you want to do as long as it keeps you confident,happy and strong😃

So let’s stay true to ourselves and live our best lives. Stay calm and safe 😍