Fear could come in different forms

Fear of the unknown

Fear of what people say

Fear of people in general 

Fear of asking 

Fear of being judged 

Fear of being ridiculed

Fear of getting hurt 

Fear of the known 

Fear of taking risks 

Fear of spiders or creepy crawlers

Fear of yourself 

Fear could seem as a bad thing. In most cases it is. But to have fear means to have your inner thoughts guarding you from a lot of things. Fear is actually a good thing. It keeps your guard up. You can’t be unnecessarily fearful because that could make one loose a lot of things in life. It’s good to have a little fear to help guide you in making life long decisions. Majority of people that say they have no fear actually have fears of loosing their fearlessness. I’m sure that makes sense. All we need to do is channel those fears positively. 

  • Fear of loosing a job:  Work harder.
  • Fear of loosing your family: try your best to protect them as you can.
  • Fear of heart break: it’s okay to love with all your heart, that we can never predict.
  • Fear of being loved: That’s not your fault, never blame yourself for other people’s behaviour.
  • Fear of the unknown: really, it’s unknown so why have fears 
  • Fear of asking for help: we need to ask for help when we can because we really don’t know how our luck could affect us.
  • Fear of taking risks: this is necessary to have this fear as it helps you pause, think, then  make a decision. 
  • Fear of the known: you know you have a fear for something, it’s entirely up to you to conquer it or succumb to it. If you have difficulty conquering it, seek help from professionals. 
  • Fear of neglect: that can be so hurtful. Consequences of neglect is deep. That needs time to heal. So it’s good to take as much time as you need to heal. 
  • Fear of making a mistake: Mistakes are good as long as it is a great mistake and you learn from them. 
  • Fear of experience: Really, how will you value anything in life if you haven’t experienced it. Experience is the best teacher. 
  • Fear of being accepted or not: who cares? Most of us will ask. In our hearts we all care about this but we have to always be true to ourselves first before thinking or listening what others opinion about you really is. 
  • Fear of failure: It’s disappointing to have failed in something that you’ve worked to build or worked hard for but really it’s no shame at all. As long as you don’t stay down for so long and get yourself back to winning. 
  • Fear of the dark: I think we all are. Darkness come in different way. We just need to find a way to light it up. 

All these fears and more are either major or minor but it’s left to all of us to either face them and  conquer them or let those fears eat you up. Stay calm and cool always 😍😍