It’s insane what we all are facing right now, the stress of staying at home most times, not having quality time with friends and family. Asking yourself 

  • Did I wash my hands?
  • Did I forget to brush my teeth today? 😂😅
  • Do my kids need a shower or bath today since we’ve been holed up in the house yesterday? 
  • Did I call the client for follow up of a previous conversation?
  • Did I? Did I? Have I? Phew 😰 

    Listen up, let’s just breath deep. We all ask ourselves crazy questions in our heads or even out loud.  It happens to everyone and we all know, even if we try to deny that at some point we do that. I do.. 

    When life gives us lemons, we make lemonade.. Get it? 

    Every chance we get we make our lives too serious. We work, we study, we work again. That can be daunting but that is also very important because without our means of income we can’t survive. Serious is good especially at this time of what we are facing in the world… But We have to let go of some steam. It’s actually hard to think of fun right now but there are certain ways we can have fun 🤩  

  • We can have some fun with our friends
  • Shop till we drop only if we can afford it
  • Do some dancing
  • Create something new 
  • Write a book
  • Do some painting 
  • Work out hard
  • Paint your nails
  • Dye your hair a new colour
  • Do dress up 
  • Open up a bottle of wine, have a glass or maybe two
  • Listen to some music 

These and Many more things you can do to have fun. 

And when everything is back to normal 

  • Go out dancing
  • Go swimming
  • Have dinner with friends and family
  • Travel the world
  • Make more friends if you can or need to
  • Be on a call as long as you want 
  • Go get pampered in a spa

Do whatever makes you feel happy. Treat yourself to a little luxury. It doesn’t have to cost the world but you need it because you deserve it.

A little fun is all we need to make our hearts stronger. 

As long as you stay true to yourself and stay safe. 

Stay cool and calm always 😍