Of course it’s not easy:

To wake up every morning of everyday 

To have an education

To not have an education

To learn to walk 

To learn to talk 

To learn to run

To have a good steady job 

To not have any job at all 

To always be positive to the things of life 

To love and be loved

To be rich 

To be poor

To have kids or to not have kids

To trust or to be trusted 

To be honest 

To be brave

To take risks

To be valued 

To be biased or unbiased

To be adored

To be beautiful

To have a heart of gold

To obtain peace 

To grieve

To accept things or people and be accepted 

To do what’s right or what’s wrong

To be outspoken

To be shy

To be liked

To overcome challenges 

To conquer your fears

To deal with break-ups

To deal with heart breaks 

To be a man

To be a woman

To be human 

To go through pain and still stand strong

To fight for rights and justice 

To be a peacemaker 

To be the strongest man or woman in the world

To stay alive and survive the tests and trials of time 

To be free 

To develop self confidence 

To keep on moving and not give up

To be anything, have anything, achieve anything, to be someone great or otherwise

To buy a house and maintain it

To helpful to others and yourself 

To be a great achiever

To withstand any situation 

To be protective 

To have a pure heart 

To be a parent 

To be single 

To be married 

To be divorced or separated 

To be good at what you do 

To bounce back to normal after having a serious melt down about something

To try to get your life back after so many tragedies. 

The lose of a loved one and being able to move forward 

Who said it was easy? Anything in life isn’t easy at all. You have to strive and work hard but it isn’t easy. Hey, you know good things and success don’t come easy. 

To be a certain way isn’t easy. Everything in life don’t come easy. Anyone that says it does may just want to sugar coat things to make you feel better. Nothing in life is easy. Even the simplest things in the world 🌍.

From being a wife or husband 

to being a mother or father 

to nurturing a child.

to raising your child(ren) how we want to. 

to advising them.

It’s not easy at all. We have to find our inner strength, that isn’t easy also. 

All these may not be easy but they can be achieved. You just have to pull through it one day at a time. Good things or anything never come easy but with a strong mind and will it can be done. Stay calm and stay cool always😍😍