Inspiration comes from within but it shines up for others to see. The main thing is when you try so hard to inspire people it may not seem genuine enough and it may be because you are trying to impress people. What a lot of people fail to understand is that you have to inspire or motivate yourself first before you can to others. 

  • Learn to inspire yourself. Don’t let situation of things in your life control. You must control the situations, cos if you let it take control of you it could lead to a lot emotional, psychological and physical breakdown. 
  • Learn to cut out people or things from your life that tend to bring you down
  • When you are asked to tell a story about yourself, never tell a story about what you want to be but let it be about “who you want to be”, Not about what you want to accomplish but why you want to accomplish it. 
  • You need to find something that is your true calling. Something that you can explain to yourself reasons to continue if you come to a stumbling point in your life.    
  • Find that reason to help you get back up to make you want to continue in your path to success. 
  • If you feel that your past is one of the reasons why you want to accomplish something in life then let it be what should help guide you. Let it help you find your path to your future rather than weigh you down negatively. It helps you build your confidence in life and the way that you need to make decisions about.
  • You have a great mind and only you have the power to make a lot of things or changes possible in your life. No one can but you. 

People can try to be you or put you down but only you can decide if you should allow that to happen or not. 

You must never let anyone bring your spirits down. You are and will always be in control of your feelings. 

How do you do anything is how you do everything. That way you set a standard of what you want to accomplish. Never doubt yourself because others doubt you. 

Self confidence is and will always remain the key to building yourself. 

It’s really not about how long you will live but how well you live your life. 

It’s not a smooth journey you will face slip off’s  but you can never give up. You always have to find a way to pick yourself up and fight even harder to make your life better. 

Focus on you first and when that is done and you are happy then you can begin to inspire others. Like I always say, don’t forget to shine some light on yourself when you shine on others. You are that light, you hold that light. 

Inspire people so they can learn to inspire themselves. Stay cool and calm always 😍