Life is good. It is great actually. But life is very strange. Everything that happens in one’s life is extraordinary. If we are all the same life would be incredibly boring. 

One minute You have a lot of money, a lot of properties or businesses, what’s considered by some of us as “the perfect life”and the next you have nothing and you are almost from hand to mouth.

To live life the way you want

To love 

To fight

To be loved

To be an achiever

It’s not easy to be alive. 

To strive so hard so you can be comfortable. 

Life comes in different shades:

Shades of grey

Shades that blossom like roses 🌹 

Shades of green 

Light and bright

Dim and boring

Hard and challenging. 

So many things that life throw at you. You have to take it as it comes. We all have different expectations of life. 

  • Some of us expect life to go smoothly and it doesn’t. 
  • Some of us don’t see life so difficult yet we struggle to understand it. 
  • Some of us want things of life quick and easy.
  • Some expect things to go wrong at all times. 
  • Some of us have fun-filled and exciting  lives.  
  • Some of us have a boring and shelved life.
  • Some of us have very busy lives.
  • Some of us go through trials and tribulation

We all have different views as to how life would be and different ways that we live our lives and that’s the fact. As adults we all wish we can be children again because of what we face everyday. Whereas some kids want to become adults overnight because of their curiosity and how they feel it’s actually cool to be adults. It is cool but very challenging.

How we live our lives and withstand however our lives turn out to be is what matters. The years of live matters too but how well it is lived is the ultimate matter. 

Take mistakes and turn it into something awesome. What we learn from our mistakes make one have a better chance to life. We own our lives so we have to take charge of it.

Life is full of ups and downs. It can not be predicted by us humans. 

However it comes, we have to stay strong and sane to live it to the fullest. 

We just have to live our best lives just as we can. Stay cool and calm always 😍😍