A mother is one who has the ultimate and the most unconditional love for the one she either birth or nurtured. 

A mother’s love has no boundaries. She will sacrifice her all for her child or children. She doesn’t have to carry you in her womb for nine months before all that love can be showered. As you step into her alms and you become hers, you have ultimately stolen her heart ❤️ 

And nothing can break that bond she has with you. The bond between a mother and child is so strong, whether she birth you or not. 

  • She will move mountains for her children, she will make sure she does everything possible to provide for you and make sure that you do not lack. 
  • She will do all she can in her power to protect you. 
  • To raise you right so you can have your own mind and will power
  • To take care of you when you are ill even if she is too, you as a child needs to get better first. Even if she has to drag herself on the floor. 
  • She will kiss her children’s wound better and make them smile always. 
  • The one person whose doors and arms are always open to receive or accept you if you have erred her. 
  • The one person that will never give up on you 
  • The only true person’s true love you will always rely on. 
  • She will always be your number one fan and cheer on you no matter what.
  • She will always stand by you.
  • She will always lift your spirit up when you feel down and gloomy. 
  • She is and will always be the love of your life, you already stole heart the first time she  laid her eyes on you and held you so close to her. That love can never never be broken.

Shout out to all mothers in the world. Your children should be very proud of you and let the smiles on your faces and love in your hearts tell it all. 

Stay cool and calm always.