This is exactly what we need to pull through the journey of life.

Getting put down or floored over again and again, but you still have the heart to keep going. 

When we feel like we have taken our fair share of harsh beatings in life, we just never stay down.

With courage and determination our hearts keep fighting even harder to conquer.

We fight to live

We fight for everything we have,

We fight for everything we are.

Our hearts never give up in the struggle of life

We fight to love,

We fight to win,

We fight to survive,

We strive, we thrive

Every aspect of our very being is the fight, The fight to stand tall.
Our hearts are strong and will never give up.

With all we’ve overcome in our lives.

The strength within us we cannot explain.

We wake up everyday for a reason 

Our minds never seize to uplift us

We are here and we are free

We are alive and we are young, and we the young get inspired by the old.

We may be old but our hearts are young.

How we live our lives may seem entirely up to us but not if our heart is not strong enough to withstand life as a whole.

We wake up every day for our daily means of income. 

Our hearts are strong. 

With love, with joy, with peace, with kindness, with the zeal to push through whatever life throws at us. 

Life they say is a battle field and of course it is. We have to stand and keep our hearts as fighters strong. We gotta wear or shield our hearts with armours made of steel. 

Whatever life throws at us, we fight to survive

We learn as we live, that our hearts can actually carry or endure so much more than we can imagine: 

Our hearts are strong 

We have “Hearts of Fighters”

Stay cool and calm always 😍😍