Mistakes are made by an individual every single second. No one is perfect

But let’s make something clear, a mistake made is always unknowing. If you did something and you know or knew it was wrong before you did it, then that’s no mistake. 

If you know how to distinguish between right and wrong then we all know what a mistake is. 

You can’t sit down and plot about something and when the did is done you’ll call that a mistake. Ain’t no mistake, that’s premeditated. 

When one genuinely makes a mistake, the person isn’t always aware of the consequences, the person doesn’t know what’s coming next after that. So when, it is determined it was or is a mistake then it’s up to that individual to learn from it. 

Mistakes are a part of everyone’s life, we just need to hope we don’t make mistakes that could cost us a life time. Don’t make one mistake twice, cos that’s when you know there’s actually something wrong. 

The word “sorry” don’t fix mistakes but actions do. For those that are willing to try. 

Never let your mistake define you. It is what it is. So step up and turn that mistake into something great for you.

That’s why we say erasers are not just to for those who make mistakes but for those who are willing to correct and learn from them. 

Do not let your mistakes bring you down. It’s alright to feel sad and disappointed with yourself but don’t dwell in it so much. 

You can never take back a mistake, but you can take something out of it by correcting it and learning from it..

Stay cool and calm always😍

Learn From Your Mistakes.