There’s not one way to explain or define what this means. But there are ways to break them down. 

  • Self awareness: This is understanding what motivates us, understanding our feelings and we react to things. Being able to control our emotions. Learning to reflect on our actions and life. This is an important life tool because without understanding ourselves, we cannot control ourselves. 
  • Make Time Count: Every little second of your life counts. For every little time spent on being angry with people especially those dear to you or every second you spend not asking the questions that affect you, be it anything, any second not spent doing things that you love or being around people you love Is a waste. Try to make every second of your life count doing the best you can and living your best life. 
  • Smart Work & Balance: These two can actually create a successful life for you. When you work a whole lot and never find time to anything else, it can be very daunting and extremely stressful. Learn to work smart and balance your life out by creating time for other things. All work and no play….. you know how the saying goes 😊
  • Keep Relations Especially Close and Dear Ones: it’s important to keep people close to you. A lot of people think and say they don’t need anyone in their lives. Yes it may seem stressful cos you want to stay out of unnecessary dramas of people and life in general. Fact no one really really wants that but at the same time no one really wants to be lonely. The thought of the world alone seems enough, try to have people around you to share your thoughts and have memories. 
  • Trust But Take Appropriate Action and Learn: it’s is said that “it’s easy to break trust and it takes ages to build one”. Of course, I for one find it so hard to trust people but it’s a good thing trust. Trust with your heart but not everyone is to be trusted. Have a few people you can give that trust to and if it’s broken, it’s okay to be hurt and disappointed and learn from from it. Keep your heart open… 
  • Mistakes Are Good But Be Sure Not To Make One That Will Cost Your Life: One cannot live their lives without mistakes… No one is perfect in life and those that think they are, well good luck. Make a few mistakes but be sure to learn from them. They make you better and ready to take the next step of your life. 
  • Identify Your Values: This is very important as well. You need to know your value or your worth. Don’t let people take advantage of you. Know what you are capable of doing and establish yourself in a way satisfying enough for you. People can be so unappreciative and this may lead to them not valuing all your hard work.

Life can be so complicated, but try to make the most of it, most especially by living happily. Have enough, be enough, know ho you are and what you are capable of. For when you do, no one and nothing can stand in your way of greatness. Stay cool and calm always 🥰