Oh wow!! What all shoes have gone through. 

  • Through the muddiest muds, 
  • The dirtiest dirt
  • The cleanest cities, 
  • cleanest homes, 
  • filthiest cities too. 
  • A crime scene, 
  • the house of the mourning people, 
  • the longest roads, 
  • to the highest mountains, 
  • to the craziest party floors, 
  • the first dates, 
  • the last days, 
  • the loneliest roads,
  •  the forest hikes, every where around the world. 
  • The fashion ones
  • The wedding one, 
  • The classy ones
  • The adorable one       
  • First baby shoes.

All types of shoes that are being used, have gone through the best times and the worst times.. 

  • Ballet Shoes 
  • Gym shoes
  • Rock climbing one
  • Hiking shoes
  • Party shoes 
  • Stay at home shoes 

They all end up in one place, on someone’s feet on the floor. 

Shoes have gone to hell and back and they keep being the most wanted thing we humans need to move around asides food and water. 

We have to give a shout out to shoes.Yay!! Shoes, you are the best!!  Cos without them most of us can’t move around so much eh!! I know some of us do walk around with no shoes and that’s good too. So shout out to all feet that wear the shoes. The feet suffer as much as the shoes but that’s why the shoes are there to help and protect the feet from all the trauma the shoes have been put through. The shoes tend to take all the hit of the whole of our body. So “Thank you shoes”!! Even the ones that punish the toes 😜

Let us give them shoes some credit. They do a great job… 

Thank you shoes for making my feet stay away from the muds and dirts

Thank you shoes for making my feet stay away from getting burned and blistered by the hot sun and ground

Thank you for making my feet less wet and hurting from stones and prickly things. 

Stay cool and calm always 😍