Ahhh…. my most favourite moment

When I can relax and have a little me time.

I can’t fault myself for that, especially when I have a busy life with kids, family and work. Maybe some other things in between. It could seem mad but really we all need a moment to ourselves.

When we can hear our thoughts

When we can do somethings for ourselves like, writing, painting, having a soak in the bath without hearing the voices of your kids because that’s exactly when they need something . And if they don’t get it then and there, the whole house might not be comfortable for you and them. They would could give you the cold look. In my head sometimes I think the kids get really bothered when you decide to have a quiet moment. It’s alright for them to feel that way and it’s okay for you not to feel guilty for that or those quiet times that you need.

Take a look around you, the world is really a busy place. That can’t be helped but you gotta find some time to have that silent moment.

Fact, without these silent times, you may not be in a able to do most of the things you need to do.

With all that we do, it’s really okay to take a break. You need to give yourself a break :

• From being the boss. We need to make sure work goes fine but we gotta make time for ourselves too. So our mind is prepared for anything.

From being the worlds greatest person.

• From the noise and dramas of the world.

• From being the one person that takes a lot of hit for people’s actions .

• For so many things that we involve ourselves with.

• To reset

• To have the drive to keep going

• To channel yourself better

• To be able to forge ahead

You need your quiet moments to be able to recharge yourself, to be able to get yourself mentally recharged for the next phase…

Honestly we forget that all these noises in our lives can be very distracting and troubling.

We gotta find those quiet times. It doesn’t have to be a whole hour, it could just be a few minutes. It helps calm you. We all need that shhh moment…

Stay cool and calm always 😍