I know you are here and you can see and hear me. Everyday you wake up, everyday you say to yourself push harder, get yourself up and begin your day. Get on top of things. Don’t ever give up. These are the words we tell ourselves.

We should always try to remind ourselves that everyday need to take one step at a time. We shouldn’t try to anticipate things cos it may not end up as we presume.

No let’s start over,

Dear Self, Be a little stubborn when you need to be. Not all the time, sometimes. It’s needed. Put your feet down when you need something(s) done, when it really needs to be done. Set some rules for yourself, set some ground rules. Try to follow them.

Dear self, listen to your instincts, most times they are really right. Ever wondered telling yourself later, I wish I had, I wish I could have never. Try not to let things slide and not make wishes of coulda, woulda, shoulda. We don’t need a remix of Celine Dion now. Do we? I think it’s fine with her and her lovely voice.

Dear Self, don’t give yourself the opportunity to regret things in future. Or in the present. We live to make decisions. Decisions that may be positive or negative. Sometimes we don’t see things clearly as we should even when it’s staring right in front of us. We want to make decisions that may be successful to us but it’s right there that it isn’t and we still make them knowing deep in our hearts that it’s not right. It’s alright to make mistakes but do not make ones that are detrimental to your future. Keep yourself strong and if a mistake is made love on… Learn from it. Don’t make it again. Seems hard but it ain’t that difficult.

Dear Self, remember to stay strong. Stay fit and healthy.. Staying fit and healthy doesn’t necessarily mean you starve yourself, miss a meal or kill yourself with a tonne of workouts. Self, find out what works for your body cos there are no two body types. You know yourself and what you can handle. Slowly and steady wins the race. Self, you may not be thin but you may be fitter than most thin people.

Dear Self, think positive all the time even when negativity stares you in your soul, stare right back with all the positivity you got and stare negativity down to the sole of your feet where it belongs.

Dear Self, it’s okay to be Selfish sometimes. It’s actually important to be selfish sometimes. It helps you find your inner peace. Give yourself some self time. Think about oneself for a little.

Dear Self, Never give up. Embrace all life has for you. Take it all and spice it up for yourself. Never stop believing in yourself. You can make yourself anything and anyone. You are you. Remember that always.

Dear Self, you know yourself more than anyone else. Never forget that. Do what’s best for yourself. What other people think don’t really matter. Be oneself and stay cool and calm always 😍