Shh 🤫

can’t hear a sound. Oh wow. Silence seems cold.

Fact, for one to keep calm and stay silent about a certain issue or drama in their lives don’t mean they are weak. When someone keep silent, it’s best to let the person be, unless you want to poke the bear. We all know how that ends most times…

We stay calm and silent as all the wagging mouth of rivals go on and on and on. We still keep cool despite being called all sorts of horrible names and things on earth 🌍

We stay calm as all those words and finger pointing comes to our faces, we are calculating because we know that when it’s time for us to react all hell will let loose and earth would freeze just with our reaction. Only we can understand what we are capable of doing.

Maybe we wanna punch someone in the face or beat the person to pulp for some things said about you or any meme we of your family.

Maybe you want to take a stand and prove people wrong because of what you’ve heard or what they’ve said. Really sometimes argument or battling words with someone isn’t the best answer cos it could escalate. Learn to keep silent and smile.

When we are backed into a corner to react to something not worth reacting to or it may be worth reacting to because the consequences of your actions could be dire, we remain silent but it doesn’t make us stupid.

We get hit by certain situations in life that may make us feel that the we must react to them. We always have to ask ourselves, is that worth being angry about? Or is it worth letting people bring you down to their level? Be it in our jobs, on the streets, in our personal lives.

Being silent is strong, it shows how well a person or persons handle situations that they face in their lives.

So please choose silence over unnecessary chatter or banter. Those silent moments mean you are trying to avoid a situation (s) from escalating..

But bear in mind, nobody can tell you to be silent.. no one can silence you… only you can control it.

Ha!! and people want more…

You will realise someday that staying calm and keeping silent is more powerful than proving a point.

Silence could also just mean peace and quiet. That moment you could hear the sound of your heart beat, the sound of a pin fall to the ground. Just quiet.

It’s really good to have a Shhhh…. moment, isn’t it?

Be in control of every situation and don’t let the situations control you. In life we all need to learn to be calm..

That Shh moment is all we need to not make drastic decisions. It’s a strength and not a weakness.

Staying calm is one of the best lessons one can ever master in life..

Stay calm and cool as always 😍