We see this as something we are all entitled to. Of course we are. If we don’t express ourselves, about how we feel, how on earth will anyone know? Except they are ‘psychics’

Well, when we hurt Or we feel uncomfortable with situations surrounding us.. It’s good to express ourselves.

Sometimes when we have something to say that may be eating us up inside, we feel like our guts hurt and we just blurt it out, then we feel better. Or it may be a situation that you shoot yourself on the leg for making your feelings known. It’s a huge sigh of relief when you finally do.

It’s holding whatever is bothering us inside, or not being able to express ourselves because we feel we may upset people around us that make us so uncomfortable. Best to please yourself first than to please people.

Don’t hide your feelings about someone or something. You may be compelled to act phony around them or about it. Your peace of mind comes when you let whatever is bothering you inside known. Not everyone has to agree with however or whatever you feel or say but better out than in.

In some cases we find ourselves not being able to say things as we mean it. We find ourselves saying things and being misconstrued. Better out than in..

You may feel at some point that whatever/however you are feeling don’t matter or does not make sense or people don’t understand it… Still express yourself. Don’t make yourself feel sick trying to keep feelings bottled up. You’ll only do more harm than good.

Every feeling matter, (happy sad,confused, excited, contradictory,guilt, contempt, annoyed, excited, shame, satisfaction, disgust etc) every opinion matter too. No one’s feelings are useless. Keep that in mind. We should all learn to respect one’s feelings. It’s important. Stay true to yourself and how you feel about whatever & whoever.

Stay cool and calm always 😍