Here we talk about how ones mind understands things or situations. This can have so many interpretations. Way of life, Attitude to words things in general, etc

We come as people with individual personalities. I’d like to think so.

Individual personalities can easily be understood or not. Some people tend to take things or situations a little too extreme and some people a little lightly. There’s no in between here.

Some situations in life can easily get misunderstood especially when there are no facts or proof to back them up.

Like we have a glass half full. You see right there “half full”

Some people may not see it that way, they’ll like to think it as a “half empty”

That’s where we talk about mindset.

We aren’t meant to see or understand certain ways of live the same way. We may see some similarities but not same. Every situation seems different from different angle. I could see the number 6 and someone else can see a number 9. Depending on where you stand.

How it’s being handled is what makes the most of it.

We should never beat ourselves up for not understanding things the exact same way other people understand things. We aren’t all same.

Some people give credit for peoples hard work and some don’t cause they feel maybe their hard work was not enough.

Some people like to see a negative situation and dwell in it. Some actually take that negative and turn it into positive thoughts. Making the most out of what you’ve learnt from it.

Everyone’s mindset is different. You either get it, accept it or you don’t. Don’t fault yourself for doing either. It’s how you are.

I hear people say it’s your mindset that defines you. It’s actually true.

Try not to be so hard on yourself for thinking differently. It may work out fine for you.

Don’t get me wrong here, having a fantastic mindset actually makes one go a long way in life. Like I said. It’s a fantastic mindset.

It could be either way. Do not expect everyone to think the way you do. It only causes unnecessary stress. And really, who needs that? So let’s try to keep our minds collectively in tact…

Stay cool and calm always 😍