This one is quite a challenge for me.

I’m a sort of person that can be very friendly or can be very unfriendly. I think most people share those attributes too. I choose to keep my circle small. Very small so that I know those that I have told things that are deep to my heart. Just incase it slips off, I can definitely know where it’s coming from and why…

Anyone can choose to make as many friends as they want as long as they can handle what comes next.

Less friends, less drama, less sleepless nights.

That isn’t to say that with less friends you may not have some drama. There’s always drama in any relationships. Without those minor dramas you may not be able to find out those who can and will always be there for you.

Family too is very dear to my heart. They are the one true friends who will always be there if and when you truly need them.

True friendship is a bond formed not by material things but by a strong connection and mostly understanding. So many things are needed to develop a friendship that’s why most people would rather be loners than have friends. So they don’t have to go through so much drama.

You’ll have to be patient, non judgemental and open minded to really be able to keep true friends. These things are really hard to do. But they are doable.

And when you are able to get your close friends they become a part of you. A part of your family. To be family you don’t have to be blood. It comes naturally. Only if you are willing. They don’t particularly have to have same qualities or similarities with you but if the understanding, the perception of life, the love and the connection is there then that is true friendship.

• Someone who can uplift you.

• who adds value to your life.

• Who respects you and the way you feel without judging you

• People who can tell you off without making you feel like you are being attacked..

• People who can go to miles for you.

• People who can look out for you

• People who are stress free

• People who are genuinely happy for your progress and success

• People who share both your happy moments and trials.

• Someone that allows you to be yourself

• Someone that help guide you through some hardships in your life.

• Someone that will be there for you no matter what..

These are the types of people or type of persons you need as a friend.

If someone isn’t true to your friendship, it will definitely unveil itself. Just hope it’s not gonna cost you dearly.

It’s alright to have close friends and many acquaintances. You can’t be judged for that.

Experiences in ones life can help make decisions for one. If you learn from them.

Some friendships are not really about calling everyday, hanging out everyday but about true hearts connected. It doesn’t matter how long you have been out of touch with a friend, once you pick up that phone even after ten years you are able to continue from where you stopped as if it hasn’t been a long while you were out of touch. That’s true friendship. It’s the heart that bonds. Though not all friendships that are rekindled are meant to be. Some should have been left where they stopped in the past. You as an individual should be able to envisage if it’s worth it or not.

Some friendships could just happen easily and effortlessly while some may take a long while to blossom. When it does, be sure to cherish every moment.

Many people don’t believe in true friendships.

It’s okay as we all don’t have the capacity to live our lives the same. We are entitled to have our own thoughts and ways.

Stay calm and cool always 😍