We all make excuses. It’s just our way of justifying a lot of things we do, whether good or bad. But this is one thing we all can’t say we haven’t done… We can roll our eyes but it’s true. I for one have made excuses. And I still may, under some circumstances.

We make excuses because we don’t want to be in a situation that makes us feel uncomfortable or under pressure…

*We make excuses for not calling our loved ones.

*We make excuses for not doing what we is in our hearts is right.

*We make excuses for not being nice and helping when we can.

We make excuses for so many different reasons.

There is no excuse for not doing any of the above. Our loved ones are very important in our lives. We should always call them. Call them now they are alive and well, not when they are ill.. God forbid you loose a loved one and you have made so many excuses for not reaching out. You will be filled with so much guilt that would eat you up so deep both inside and out.

We should never make excuses for doing what we know in our hearts that is right. We all know and can identify what is right. So what’s stopping us from doing them.

There are excuses that are warranted and some that aren’t.

If excuses are made for reasons that are positive like, for health purposes, maybe you don’t want to jog or sprint because you have lung issues or something more or you don’t feel comfortable about being some where at the moment, an excuse or maybe an explanation is very okay. … Then making an excuse is quite okay. Not all excuses are made for wrong reasons.

We also make excuses when we fail in something we have done.

Maybe work or trying to loose weight or relationships.. As long as we are alive, we need to learn from our failures rather than dwell in it. Our failure can never define us… How we handle it is what makes us better…

We need to question ourselves, why do we make excuses?

If the reasons are genuine or not. We can’t and shouldn’t make excuses for what don’t make sense.

Never make excuses for the wrong reasons. It holds a great impact in your life. You have to take a chance in this one life that you have. You may not get so many chances for a particular moment in time where you have made an excuse (s) to have a better life or make a better decision.

Stay cool and calm always 😍