There’s a saying that no matter how much you love someone and you are taken for granted, you eventually get tired.

Life is strange. You try your utmost best to make it easier with your feelings. Trying to control it because you don’t want to get hurt. I sometimes ask myself “ why can’t we just love with all our hearts without the fear of being either let down, heart broken or unappreciated?

This question has been on my mind and I’m sure a lot of people ponder about that too.

Hey if I still ask myself that right now, I haven’t got the answer to it yet.

To love is great. It’s actually one of the best feelings anyone can ever experience. But it’s also one of the hardest, depending on whom you show love to. Everyone accepts things in different ways.

Some people love so easily and that’s despite the fact that they have been heart broken in the past. That doesn’t stop them from loving again. It’s the heart and the mind that guides one. Whereas some people find it hard to love again after being heartbroken. They build up that wall and their guard. These are people who fall in love and do that deeply. So they won’t give any chance so easily to fall prey or victim to heartbreaks.

It’s not only about soulmate or spouses, it could also be to anyone who shares precious moments with you. Family and friends. Heartbreaks are everywhere, shouldn’t stop us from loving and caring for people genuinely.

Love Is Also Beautiful

We love with all our hearts, but when disappointment steps in, we eventually do get tired. It’s complicated when one gives their all and all they get in return isn’t what they expect. I know people would say, love doesn’t have conditions, it actually does because you would like to receive the same amount of love that you give. We can argue this all we want but it still remains a fact. And that some of us get tired. Being tired does not mean that you do not love or care for that person(s), it means that you are human and there’s a limit of ingratitude or disvalue that you can accept from people you show love to. Never let a crazy experience change who you are. If you are a lover, continue to show that love and if you need time to step back, take all the time you need. But never stop loving or showing love.

Listen, like I said earlier, love is beautiful. When we get the opportunity, it’s good to take it with an open mind and heart. Experience it. Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

Stay cool and calm always 😍