When we say things in life, it’s very important that we think deeply before we speak. Words said anytime in any moment can never be taken back. Especially words said in anger or hurt.

Our lives are so full of events. Especially with people dear to us and some not so dear..

When we are hurt and we get angry or upset , some of us tend to be more expressive with our words. We lash out and hurt people with some deep and brutal words as a defence tactic. Words that we can never take back. Ever!! Especially to those we love and care about.

Yes our feelings were hurt at the moment, we spoke some harsh words and cannot unspeak them. Those words cannot be unheard, they cannot be unthought of. Hmmm…

We need to try hard and be careful about how we react to situations in our lives. Words spoken in anger can be so dangerous. It could affect people in different ways. Not everyone has thick skin.

Some may not be able to brush off those words so easily. Words can change and affect people’s lives. Of course you are hurt, but don’t drive someone else to the edge of harming themselves due to what you’ve just said. At your place of work, home or anywhere at all.

Think real hard and deep before you say anything or react. We are all allowed to have arguments. That’s what makes life interesting. But be sure to accept any consequences that follows when you speak those harsh words to people. It may come back to bite you. Learn to comport yourself and learn to keep calm when provoked. If you have to walk away at that moment, please do. It’s very important to pause a little and think before you speak. Wise words from so many people.

I actually like to stay quiet when I’m upset because in that moment I am able to analyse the situation properly. If I need to have a conversation, then I would. But speaking at the moment, I have do have tendency to say very harsh words. And my guilt eats me up later.

Do not push people away because you find it difficult to choose your words. It may be hard and you think you are being judged too harshly for voicing out your thoughts or your opinion or how you feel. But really, we all do. The difference is, how it’s done really matters.

Stay calm and cool always 😍