In our lives we fight our own battles. Be it depression, loss of job, heartache or heart break, anxiety, whatever life has thrown at you We as humans tend to judge, most of us would say, ‘nah, I don’t judge’ we do and that’s a fact. When we tell someone off, a friend maybe, for a certain thing that they have done without asking why such decisions were made by them to act that way. First things first. We need to understand why someone acts a certain. The reason behind a decision being made. People don’t just wake up one morning and do things or behave weird or take certain actions that may or may not be suitable or agreeable to others. We all have our various opinions on how we live our lives but that should be our opinions. We should never try to force someone else to live like we do or expect them to live to a certain level of expectation. Everyone have their own way of living and when they live that way it may have been a past experience that made them decide to live however they choose. We just need to respect peoples decisions even if it doesn’t sit well with you as a person.Never judge a book by its cover, that’s one saying that really doesn’t exist because most of us in this life, that’s exactly what we do and we try to convince ourselves that we don’t. We must all learn to support and not discriminate. A little niceness can actually go a long way. It may mean very little to you but to someone that it has been extended to, might just mean the world to them. Just stay true to yourself no matter what you go through in life. It’s a crazy world we live in. Let’s live it the way we know best, suites us or make us feel comfortable. Stay cool and calm 😍