We all talk about healthy minds. Clear thoughts, a healthy mind is a wealthy mind. A mind filled with positivity is a mind filled with wisdom. That’s very true. The mind is very powerful. It is said that the tongue is powerful but the mind I think is more powerful than the tongue because you think it before you say it.  

A lot of us have a lot on our minds that we don’t say and it eventually happens. So the power of the mind seems to be the greater. That’s my opinion and some of us may think different. 

Take for instance, when I first started my weightloss journey after my first child’s birth, it was difficult. I was in denial because I couldn’t tell how big I had become. I’m one person that could take a good criticism or a good advice. I try to have an open mind about things. My mum saw a picture of myself and my first daughter and thought to tell me that I had put on a lot of weight. I stopped to think and really I did have a real think. The thought of 

Blurred Thoughts to yourself
  • Where do I begin? 
  • When do I do my exercise? 
  • Do I do the workout at home?
  • Do I eat just vegetables? 
  • Do I do mild workouts or hardcore?
  • What clothes do I need to wear? 
  • Do I workout today? 
  • Do I just give up? 

The list could go on and on and on. 

It’s the mind first that I had to target. I weighed 110kg and I didn’t realise how big I weighed. Now it’s fine to make a decision. A huge sigh 😔 

 Spoke to my husband for emotional support, I made up my mind and I thought what will suit me the best is working out from home. The thought of getting dressed up and either walking to the gym , for me I saw as a waste of time. I had to make up my mind for what suits me. 

Got up went to the store, bought some dumbbells and got started with my training. Self trained, self workouts etc. All these are more of the mind and the will to make it happen. Without the mind everything else won’t really function. 

So if we find ourselves battling with our minds we aren’t alone in it. If our minds battle with making decisions like: 

  • Whether you should take a new job or not.
  • Whether we should do the chores at home at the moment or leave it for later and have a good rest. 
  • Whether or not to try something new whatever it may be.
  • Whether or not we want to move to next chapter of our lives ie get married, have kids 
  • Whether or not you like someone 

Every decision comes from making up the mind. It’s not necessary that you have to say what you want or need to do, just making up your mind alone is all that one needs.

The mind is a driving force that it influences the decisions we make. We need to be careful what thoughts we carry in our minds be it good or bad as that alone can determine the outcome of the choices we make or thoughts we have for people around us. 

Determination to work hard, determination to shed some weight be it at home or in the gym, determination to be what and who we want to be, positivity towards finding love or having a good family, determination to make your life the best that you can, courage to take reasonable risks, confidence to take charge of your life and we’ll being, determination to stay focus.  It’s all up to us. Positivity is always the key to a good healthy mind. It could be anything in this world.  The zeal and determination has to come from you and you alone. Stay focus, stay strong and never give up.

Our minds are very powerful once you believe in yourself and believe in what you want to achieve. Let’s all think or have positive minds in all that we do and we would achieve great things. But if it’s not meant to be then we never force what isn’t. Stay calm and cool always 😍😍😍