◦ Cannot imagine how struggles came to be

◦ Cannot imagine the life of a mother,father a child or someone dear to your heart, snuffed out with a blink of an eye

◦ Cannot imagine the trials and tribulations one face in their lives.

◦ Cannot imagine how much we fight tooth and nail to make ends meet.

◦ Cannot imagine the thoughts of a mother being taken away from her child or vice versa.

◦ Cannot imagine the thoughts of children who cannot have meals on their tables.

◦ Cannot imagine how the homeless feel and how they pull through everyday knowing they will not have a shelter over their heads.

◦ Cannot imagine the feeling of parents who have lost their children

◦ Cannot imagine the pains of having to deal with an illness be it for a few days or years. Not knowing what fate has in store for you.

◦ Cannot imagine living this world without being cared for or looked after

◦ Cannot imagine what goes on in our minds.

◦ Cannot imagine the pains of those who have lost their loved ones be it naturally or due to some accidents…

◦ Cannot imagine the fear we all have not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

◦ Cannot imagine the heart break of a mother who just lost her child and not understanding why she has to go through that pain… That horrible pain…

◦ Cannot imagine being healthy one minute only for you to find yourself fighting for your life due to someone else’s mistake.

◦ Cannot imagine being accused of something you didn’t do only for you to find yourself fighting hard for your innocence and it seems like the walls are closing in on you.

◦ So many things in this life we really cannot imagine. These are just few.

A lot of things in life we really can’t imagine unless we have experienced it. We all have our individual struggles that we go through daily. And it’s easy to say” I can imagine “but truly in our hearts we know we really can’t imagine what other people’s struggles are.It might seem similar but no struggle is exactly the same.

It’s not easy what we all face. But we must all strive to achieve something good. Our strengths lies within us. We also must know that whatever it is we go through we are not alone.

Stay cool and calm always 😍