As humans we say a lot. That’s what we are meant to do. We actually say quite a lot.

We have to look at situations, emphasise and all. We may say certain things and hope we are believed and acknowledged. That’s really good. We say some things to people like give assurances, promises, words of encouragements etc. But one thing we need to do to follow up is our actions.

When we make promises to people or make assurances, we should always remember that if our actions don’t follow up with what we’ve just said then how can we be taken serious or be trusted. This doesn’t only have to do with personal relationships, also business relationships. In fact generally when we say things we are expected to live by what we say or believe.

Take for instance, you apologise for a particular mistake you have made but you also seem to continue apologising for the same mistake. Then your words don’t match your actions at all. It frustrates me when people do that. I ask myself, are they trying to take a piss or aren’t they aware of their actions?

I would love to see people say things they actually mean and mean what you say, also act on them too. Don’t tell me you’ll change your act on something and apologise but you keep doing the same things. To me it doesn’t make sense and I’m sure to a lot of people too. I want to be able to trust when someone says ‘oh I have a black tee-shirt on’ and would want to believe them without double checking. That’s the most example I can make here without causing a lot of confusion. Learn to live your life by your words and what you believe in so people can rely on you.

When you make assurances, be sure to come through and only make them when you are very sure. I know people say that when you make promises it can be broken. Yes it can, but don’t you also feel you shouldn’t make promises that you can’t keep? Because you tend to hurt the feelings of those that you have made those promises to. It’s just a sense of conscience and common sense really.

We strive hard in our day to day lives to be sure that we can be trust worthy and set examples for those who actually want to learn. Let’s be sure that our actions go with our words.

Stay cool and calm always 😍